What is the R4 Card

The R4 card is a device that inserts into the slot 1 on your Nintendo DS or DSi. As the Nintendo does not come with rewritable storage the R4 is the ideal accessory.
The R4 supports a micro SD memory card for storing all your data, with capacities up to 32 GB you can store all your photos videos and back up and games that you own.
With the R4 card you can back up any games that you own to protect against accidental loss – another great advantage.
Also known as the R4 DS, the r4 card has been around for a good while and many versions have since been released this means that the R4 card has been tried and tested and will live up to expectations.
Include with the R4 is a micro SD reader for connecting it to your PC. With this you can transfer files between your PC and the R4. Drag and drop photos , videos or whatever you like.
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