The r4 card and gaming

For the past decade, the single greatest portable gaming device has been the Nintendo DS. Sold across the globe, millions of people have enjoyed tens of thousands of games for countless hours. Being a leader in the field of gaming, it is not uncommon for the DS, or any other leading game or game platform, to have an effect on the market and nature of gaming.

In particular, the DS has brought up numerous questions at the heart of gaming, in part thanks to the R4.

Why the DS is On Top

The DS doesn’t have the best anything in terms of specifications. There are consoles at beat it out. What makes the DS so popular is its versatility. It doesn’t need to be the best at any one thing because it does so much that people have a million reasons to love it.

This customer-focused model for gaming consoles hasn’t been repeated, to the detriment of many other leading gaming console creators.

A Unique Problem

The R4 is a card that can have pretty much anything put on it, and then work through the Nintendo DS. From videos to music and even e-books, the R4 makes the DS even more versatile.

However, the question of plagiarism comes up. If people can use the portable device for anything, then they can use it to play illegal or copyrighted material.

An Unfriendly Industry

These fears of copyright usage have led gaming industries in the past to be even harder on their consumers. This is done by removing individual freedom in order to ensure that people are using the products and more importantly, paying for them. When it came to the R4, many companies tried to ban it outright, only because of the threat of illegal use.

An Industry that Is Moving Forward

What does such fear say about the future of portable gaming? There appears to be more effort spent on enforcing impossible to enforce laws then creating content and a user experience worth spending money on. Take a look at what gaming companies spend their money on to see a correlation between money spent and perpetuating absolute control over their product.

A Model o Success

The companies that have been succeeding the most lately have been those that have eased up on user regulation and made their products more friendly to people who purchase them legally. The gaming platform Steam is an excellent example, and can be used by other businesses as a model for how to responsibly operate their business model in the 21st century. Until then, there is always the R4, still legal in most countries.